You know you are waaay too deep into Python ...

... when it invades your dreams. Yes, last night Python managed to get into my head enough to be on my mind a little bit longer than I wanted.

I dreamt that two members of the Infrastructure committee decided they liked Google Code Hosting more than any of the four trackers we are currently evaluating. This led to a visit to Google and a chat with Greg Stein on how we could get a test tracker up and going within the time limit of evaluations. He then had me join him for dinner at the Googleplex (which always look different in my dreams since there is so much growth there that I half expect nothing to look the same very time I go there).

Anyway, I am obviously taking these tracker evaluations rather seriously. The last thing I want to do is in any way trivialize the time and effort people have put in to help make all of this possible. I already know I am going to feel bad having to say "we didn't pick you" to three groups of people who were nice enough to put up a tracker and work with our data dump.

I think I might need a slight vacation from tracker stuff once the final tracker is picked (I would say October 1 when the decision is due but I just have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that a mini holy war is going to break out on python-dev no matter who we choose and I will have to deal with that for a little while).