Tracker reviews are (slowly) happening

I have spent some time over the past week planning out how I was going to handle reviewing the four trackers the Infrastructure committee is considering for replacing SourceForge. I wrote up a list of the typical user stories that an issue for Python goes through.

Spent this weekend working through that list. I am not done yet, but hopefully I will be finished tomorrow. Been interesting to see the different approaches to problems the various trackers take. When you look at the trackers objectively the differences in design philosophy really stand out (and I am not really going to comment on them as I am trying to be unbiased in my reviews).

I am still hoping to have a decision made by the committee by the time October rolls around. Most likely going to have them ranked with pros and cons so that if there is some big issue with going with one tracker we don't have to go back and decide on another one. But I really hope this doesn't turn into a huge flame war over our eventual choice. That would really suck and would lead to me tuning people out (there is a reason why the committee was tasked with this job so the last thing I want is for people throwing a fit that we came to a conclusion when no one else has managed to pull off this task before).

The grand goal is to have us switched over before 2007 rolls around. Here is to hoping. =)

I have also been reading up on how to configure lighttpd. I will most likely include the conf file on my site for people to be able to read since I have heavily commented it like most of my configuration files.