Looks like FastCGI is not such a great thing

Nicola Larosa pointed me to a link that points to an email from a Twisted mailing list stating how bad FastCGI is. I then hit Google up for some more info and came across this blog post that makes up almost the entire first 10 hits. Basically it sounds like FastCGI ain't so grand.

So it looks like I am going to try an SCGI instance of Django. Should have trusted the Python community solution in the first place. =) I don't think I will be slashdotted (I don't think using the sqlite backend would have been the best choice if that occurred =), so it just needs perform decently on a light load. I would normally just proxy to the Django server, but with the amount of warnings against doing that I figure I should put the effort into using a better solution. I hope that flup does a good job in comparison.