Ignorant -> Newbie: sudo and apt-get usage

So, using my new user account, I needed to be able to use sudo to execute commands with root privileges when needed. That meant learning the format of the sudoers files in /etc/sudoers. In it I noticed that a group had the proper privileges (``%GrouP ALL=(ALL) ALL``; no percent sign means it is for a specific user).

But then I needed to know how to add a user to a group. That's when I discovered ``usermod -G GrouP UserName`` to add a user to an existing group. I had to log out and back in for ``groups`` to list the proper groups, but it did it.

Next I needed to get pysqlite installed. Thanks to apt-get, I knew that I would not have to manage anything and I could let it pull in sqlite itself. But I didn't know the package name. I discovered ``apt-cache search RegEx`` for searching. That worked. I was also able to verify dependencies with ``apt-cache show PackagE``. After that it just took ``apt-get install PackagE`` to get sqlite and pysqlite2 installed!