Request for test trackers to get Python development off of SF

If you go here you will find a request for the Python community to help out in finding a replacement tracker for SourceForge. The basic idea is to have people put up test trackers for a while for the PSF Infrastructure committee to play with so we can evaluate and eventually choose a replacement for SF.

We are going this route because we just don't have the manpower to set up a ton of trackers. So we are asking the community for help by setting up an installation of their favorite trackers and populate it with some SF data that we extracted. We do not expect people to run the tracker if it is chosen for use, just long enough for us to get a feel for the tracker and to make a decision.

My hope is that this turns out well. I suspect several very popular trackers will get put up somewhere along for us to play with. It is open to anyone and is not restricted by which language the tracker is written in nor whether it is open source or not (although we obviously need any licenses donated to run it). We want the best solution possible without being political. I know some people don't like this idea, but considering we use Perl to build the Python documentation, there is precedent for this kind of leniency. =)

Anyway, if you can help, please do. As the chairman of the commitee I want it to succeed so I don't like too bad. =)