What's on my plate for python-dev

What the heck am I keeping myself occupied with in PythonLand while I am on vacation? Beyond the PY_SIZE_FORMAT_T patch I blogged about previously, I don't have too much in terms of code (working with someone on a patch, but it is minor).

I do have two PEPs going right now. One is the signature PEP. I need to give it a proof-read and clean it up to a level that I am ready to commit it to svn. I am also thinking of renaming the attributes that signify if ``*args`` and ``*kwargs`` are defined. Currently they are named ``excess_pos_args`` and ``excess_kw_args``, but that seems off to me. Nick Coghlan suggested ``extra_args`` and ``extra_keywords``, which seems better. Perhaps ``var_args``, and ``var_kw_args`` would also work. Grepping the stdlib, it looks like ``*args`` and ``**kwargs`` are the most common names for those variables. But with Talin's PEP for required keyword parameters, I might really have to rethink the naming in order to accommodate that PEP and who knows what else might come for function parameters. Might have to take Nick's cue and go with more common sense names than with what the language definition uses. I will also need to watch out for making sure the scope of the names does not go beyond what the arguments are for in order to accommodate future changes to parameters.

The other PEP is the externally maintained code PEP. It is an informational PEP that lists code in the stdlib that is maintained outside of the Python repository. It's pretty much done, just need to see if I can get one more piece of information and send one more copy out for people to proof before I commit.