Here's to hoping we get off SF soon

I got the discussion point of moving Python development off of SF and on to something else for bug tracking (Roundup, Trac, or even Jira if Barry had his way) on to the PSF member meeting agenda. Hopefully we can figure out exactly what we want in terms of support (volunteer, full-time, or something with the ASF or OSU). That way we can move forward with this and get off of SF and on to something more effective.

Personally I want Roundup to be used, but that's because I have met Richard Jones and various developers know him. Thus if anything is buggy we can go directly to the source. =) But even if if it's something else it should be an improvement over what we have going now.

[update] It has also been suggested we consider Malone from Ubuntu. The Canonical folks have showed interest in helping out Python so this might also be a consideration. The Atlassian folks have also shown that they are very willing to help out. Have to see what else transpires between now and PyCon, but I am feeling optimistic that we can get Python bug tracking a better home.