Have terminal Vim again

Building Vim on OS X 10.4.4 doesn't work: memory access violation. Googled for ``vim os x cpu_capabilities.h`` and found the creator of Vim suggesting that gcc optimizations be turned off. Sure enough, that did it!

I have been running the GUI version of Vim for the past couple of days and I have not liked it. Made Vim feel too heavy. It was driving me nuts that I was not able to run Vim in a terminal
and have instant launch and be able to cycle between terminal windows instead of having to jump between Terminal and Vim to view stuff like man pages or file locations.

It was actually starting to piss me off enough that I was contemplating switch to XEmacs. This is also because there is always the chance that I am going to be forced to use Eclipse for my dissertation, which means using XEmacs for personal use will help me learn keyboard shortcuts.