Announcing the "Little Bit of Python" podcast

Andrew Kuckling had an idea about doing a podcast about Python, focused more directly on the language itself, and on the PSF and its actions. He approached Jesse Noller and me about joining him in doing it as we said we liked the idea on Twitter. We then got Michael Foord and Steve Holden involved so we could have some variation on accents in the podcast.

And thus the 'Little Bit of Python' podcast was born. We currently have two episodes up and have recorded the third but have still to edit it and post it online. We are all new at this so forgive us if the audio is not perfect or we seem a little stiff. I know I for one was rather quiet in these first two episodes but talk a lot more in the third. We have tried to keep these podcasts clean, but I expect I will be the first to break this rule at some point. =) We also plan on having a more proper web site in the future once Jesse has the time to get it up.

You can also see Michael's post on announcing the podcast as well.